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What We Do

 Covers, acoustic and electric sets. Playing everything to get your foot tapping, dancing and singing along

You will have fun because we love to have fun!


Who Are We

Where And When

What We Do

A  trio of accomplished fun loving musicians , Jon Mark and Tim hail from the Salisbury and Shaftesbury Area of South Wiltshire and Dorset.  Willing to travel :-)


Where And When

Where And When

Where And When

Playing Pubs, Clubs, Local Festivals and Private Functions, on dates of your choosing including New Years Eve!

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What We Do


Huge Repertoire

We have over 100 songs in our immediate vocabulary, but are always willing to add to this for special occasions such as your first dance at your wedding!

We can tailor the set to suit the mood with acoustic or full electric sets (or both), and play some mid range foot tappers through to full on pop, rock, punk & metal classics!!!


Customers New & Old

Repeat bookings are the best  marketing tool we have!  From venues such as pubs in and around Salisbury, The Dare2 festival and private functions, we have the versatility to cater for all.


Fun is the strapline :)

  • Rates to suit all budgets
  • From small to mammoth sets
  • On a mission to have fun
  • Guaranteed to entertain

Let us take you  to happy place.

Who Are We


45rpm Origins

The Band

Jon and Mark whilst playing in Summerhouse, decided that it would be fun to do an acoustic duo set, and having landed the Yew Tree Inn New Years Eve party, realised it would be beneficial to have someone bang out a beat on a drum box.  In stepped Jons old friend Tim and quite by accident 45rpm were created.

Mark Story

Mark (aka Belch - you can work out where that one came from) has fat fingers and can medically only (just) play the bass.  For a big unit his voice is okay too.  Mark would model himself on a famous bassist but doesn't know any.  In fact he is pretty clueless about music full stop.

Jons Story

Jon (aka Spanish Jon) is a master of 3 chords, and owns 3 guitars, is in a band of 3,  you see where this is going....

He knows one solo which sounds like a flamenco on acoustic (hence the nickname) and Vaughan like on the electric (that's Jonnie Vaughan not Stevie Ray)

Tims Story

Tim (aka Pencil), used to like hitting things and so a drum set seemed ideal for the young angry dude.  He models himself on animal from the muppets, which is appropriate given who the other band members are.

Where and When